Proactive Defence


Responsive resolution of insurance claims.

Claims settlement negotiation has the constant potential to dissolve into rancour, extreme legal expense and ultimate dissatisfaction for all parties.

During Thomas Percival’s two decades of working with clients, large and small, in this arena, he has learned how to bring responsive, efficient and trustworthy resolution to the business of claims settlement. From preliminary file review to active courtroom litigation, Percival Law is well equipped to respond to our clients’ specific requirements, employing a proactive approach emphasizing speedy resolution through settlement conferences at the outset. The vast majority of claims are resolved without the delay and expense of discoveries, and usually within 6 months of file carriage.

As this proactive approach is as well-suited for mediations as it is for informal settlement conferences, Percival Law also offers mediation services to assist other lawyers in resolving their clients’ claims.

Clients of Percival Law align with us to bring our proactive capabilities and collaborative resolution-oriented approach to the table.

It’s what we call Reassured Resolve.

It’s what we do.


Studiously avoiding duplication of effort
and unnecessary expense.

Percival Law is a proactive modern firm conceived out of a collaborative vision. Through a synergistic consolidation of a network of legal and adjusting resources, skills and knowledge, 
we deliver practical efficiency.



Efficient procedures that keep clients fully
and transparently informed.

Percival Law has adopted a paperless, portal-based approach to client communication whereby clients can readily access all relevant files and current reports online.

We are exceptionally responsive and accessible.

All the time.

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